LightArch consists of single candlesticks, which put together in a threesome or more, will make your own personal candleholder – depending on the occasion. LightArch is made up of a minimum of three sticks, each holding a candle.

The arches may be put together in an indefinite number of ways, only limited by your imagination. This rather unusual flexibility allows you to create your own unique candleholder.

Each stick curves beautifully, reflecting the glow from the candles.



LightArch by Knud Holscher is a candleholder, which offers almost unlimited possibilities for combining your own personal candleholder.

To be in a stable position, the candleholder has to consist of a minimum of three arches. Beyond this, an unlimited number of arches may be added in a large variation of ways. Almost any combination is possible.

The sticks curve to mirror and reflect the glow of the candles. Both, material and its shape, thereby put the glow of the candle light in focus.

LightArch can be easily packed and stowed away, while not in use.

The pipe of the candlesticks can carry candles of varying widths without the use of foil or the like. With its supple combination of practical and aesthetic advantages, LightArch is unique example for a modern candleholder.

Models: LightArch / LightArch Mini
Material: Polished stainless steel 
280 x 170 x 280 / 180 x 110 x 180 mm
Design: Knud Holscher Design



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