The idea behind the FireKeeper stems from the American Indians – thus the name. The idea of invigorating a fire by blowing directly into the embers through a tube can be traced back to Indian people before Columbus.

The “fire keeper” was the person who stayed behind in the tribe’s camp while the others went hunting or collected firewood. By watching the flames, the “fire keeper” thus secured the tribe’s most important resource, home and meeting-place.



Together with Knud Holscher, d-zn has developed FireKeeper, a unique tool for starting and tending a fire – in woodburning stoves, open fireplaces as well as outdoor grills.

FireKeeper can be used both as a fire blower and a poker. It is used by blowing through the tube directly into the ambers.

The combination of an optimized length and air flow secures the efficiency of the tool and makes it easy to use.

FireKeeper is a substitute for the traditional bellows and can be easily mounted on the wall next to the fireplace with an elegant magnetic wall fixing.

Material: Stainless steel 
Surfarces:  lacquered steel (black) / Mouth piece and poker: stainless steel
L 67 cm
Knud Holscher Design



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